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Til Six is a collection of stories, photos and musings by a pair of millennial entrepreneurs on a mission to truly have it all. 

What I Wore: A Week of Black, White and Denim

What I Wore: A Week of Black, White and Denim


An exploration of "work wear" throughout the week in the life of working from home. 


day one.


One of the funnier quirks about working from home has been the outfits I find myself wearing everyday when I walk the ten feet from my bedroom to my desk in the morning. There are often days where I’m working from my computer and the only people I see outside of my home are the local Starbucks baristas on my AM coffee run. As comfort is the utmost importance, I usually find myself wearing a variation of athlesuire or what I call “tent dresses” (pictured here - just a comfortable shift dress I can throw on, yet still look put together).


day two.

As a side hustle when I first moved to CA, I used to do some dog walking. I don’t do it much these days, with how busy Six Things has been, but I have a few favorite dogs who I’ll occasionally take on an afternoon walk, to get some sunshine and puppy kisses. Then you’ll find me with my favorite accessory, the handy fanny pack, with baggies and treats at the ready. I’m sure to bring along water for my 🐶to take breaks along the way in the hot SoCal sun.


day three.

In that fresh Nike, head to toe.


day four.

This was one of my casual-cool outfits I wore to a breakfast schmooze event. I threw a leather jacket over it to make it a little extra polished, as I was rubbing elbows with some impressive women, but I’ve been in a minimalist mood recently with my wardrobe so this seemed like a good middle ground.


day five. 

This is my shoot day uniform. If I am on set, shooting, 99% of the time you will find me in some variation of jeans and a tank top. Its comfortable, but still looks cute and put together. 


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