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What I Wore: A Week of Thrifted Denim

What I Wore: A Week of Thrifted Denim


For some reason, second-hand denim has always intimidated me. Finding the right fit is hard enough with a stockroom full of sizes. Skimming racks at thrift stores for the perfect fit felt like a fool’s errand - but I’ve overcome my fear and started stocking my closet with thrifted denim finds.


day one.


Morning meetings called for loafers, one of my go-to silky blouses and this embroidered denim skirt I found at Goodwill last weekend. I really love the cut of this skirt, it hugs my waist perfectly before flaring ever so slightly to give a looser look around my belly and hips.


day two.

Most days, for me, comfort is king. I can take on the world in a basic tee and mom jeans.


day three. 

Combating the midweek slump by throwing on a pair of heels and telling the world I mean business. I snagged these cropped, straight-legged jeans from a local thrift store this summer and love how effortless they feel, even when paired with five-inch heels.


day four.

Back in my embroidered mini - my default look will always be a black tank and a leather jacket. This one is part leather, part tweed - the perfect pairing for a jacket you’ll drape over your shoulders but never actually put on because it may be September but it’s still 85 degrees in LA, who are we kidding?


day five.

Mom jeans, top knots, button downs and a little lace. This is my, “starting-my-weekend-at-2pm” look.


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