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Finding Success in Survival with Nydia Han

Finding Success in Survival with Nydia Han


AUG 01 2018 - Meet Nydia! nydia han is a journalist, a truth seeker, and an optimist.  She anchors the news for ABC/Philadelphia and is also the station’s consumer investigative reporter.  On her regular beat, Nydia works to expose scams, protect consumers, and get results for her viewers.  She is also a mom, wife, and friend, who loves good food, good wine, and, most of all, a good laugh. Nydia has also been working on a passion project called #thisisamerica. It was born out of a viral Facebook Live video in response to a driver who yelled, "This is America" at her.  The incredible, nationwide reaction to that video inspired Nydia to take a closer look at race and racism in this country and what it means to be American. The result is a three-episode documentary series.  She hopes it will encourage all of us to get to know each other’s unique stories, check our own biases, and act as positive agents of change in our own communities.  


why do you do what you do?

I set out to be a journalist well before I had children but it is my kids who now inspire me to continue my work. I think a lot about the world they're growing up in - and the world we will leave behind for them and their children. Digging for the truth and presenting it in an unbiased way is more important than ever before in this era of fake news and social media echo chambers. As local news journalists, we strive to provide all the facts and all sides of a story so that our viewers can make their own well-informed decisions and judgements. My children also inspired my work related to #ThisIsAmerica. They are half Korean and half Caucasian. They are American.


what's one thing you hope never changes?

The resilience of the human spirit as well as our collective kindness, generosity, and compassion. I have seen the best in people at the worst of times, particularly when I've covered stories involving disaster and tragedy. At the end of the day, we step up. I hope that never changes.


when do you feel most alive?

After a good, hard run. Although that would mean the last time I felt most alive was six years ago...


what are you really good at, but kind of embarrassed that you're so good at it?

Indulging at the dinner table with lots of food and lots of wine. Then pretending like it never happened.


what's the hardest lesson you've had to learn?

Patience. I'm still working on it. Oh - and not always being in control. Learning to let go. Again, still working on it. Of course, my kids (and my husband) test me in these areas regularly so hopefully I'll continue to improve!


what's the title of the current chapter of your life? 

Finding Success in Survival: It's 4am, I'm at work, and my shoes match. So far, so good.



be sure to follow Nydia all over the internet and watch #thisisamerica on YouTube here!


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