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One Size Swim

One Size Swim


To know us is to know that we love sharing whenever possible. Shoes? Yes. Food? Duh. Hulu, Netflix and HBOGo logins? I mean, obviously.

Despite having very different body types, we’re also able to share a lot of our clothes, but bras, swimsuits and fitted tops are generally unshareable for us because unlike our monthly moons, our bustlines have yet to sync up. Depending on the brand and cut of the bra, I (Kayci) wear a 34F or a 32G, and Julia is usually rocking a 32C.

So when we spotted a growing collection of “one size fits most” mix and match swimwear on ASOS, we knew we had to give it a try. Is there actually a one-size fits all solution for the G’s and the C’s and all the cups in between?

THE Mixing and Matching

Step one was picking out which pieces we wanted to mix and match. ASOS offers two bottoms and three tops in the Lilac color we selected, a hipster bikini and a high leg-high waisted. Knowing we’d be packing these on a multi-city vacation where we’d be eating all the pancakes and all the deep-fried conch, we both opted for the high waisted. With the bottoms sorted, we threw one of each of the tops in our basket and crossed our fingers that I’d be able to squeeze into at least one of them.



We got ourselves off to a “good enough” start with the bandeau top. It technically fit both of us, so it passed the first test, but when it came to flattering our figures, this top was a bit of a bust (pun intended). Julia found the strapless version of this suit to be a bit flattening, as bandeaus often are, and my biggest complaint was that it made me look a bit lumpy.


the FUller Bust

Now one of the things that makes me such an ASOS stan is the variety of size ranges they offer that make so much of their offering truly inclusive. For swim and lingerie, this includes a “Fuller Bust” range that offers slightly varied tops of popular styles to make them more doable for those of us with a little more to lock and load. For this suit, however, the fuller-bust option was a bit of a disappointment, mostly because it really just looked and felt like a mediocre sports bra.

The worst part? You might notice that all these tops are a bit sheer on me, because the transparency of the fabric increases as it’s stretched out. In an effort to provide more coverage, ASOS lined this top, but the lining was not as stretchy as the primary fabric or large enough to cover busts of the size this top was marketed to. I ultimately cut the lining out of mine, but before we got our hands on scissors, the best thing we could do with the lining was to tuck it under and wait for it to annoyingly peek out from under the tops.


The V

Saving the best for last, we slipped into the V-Front top and found what we think is hands down the most flattering top in the range. The neckline felt just flirty enough and for Julia, it provided all the support she’d need to frolic on a Bahamian beach. Me? As much as I loved the fit of this one, the top definitely required limiting my movement if I wanted it to stay on.



First thing’s first: the color and opacity of these babies change when they meet water. You might have noticed dark spots on the suits in some of the pictures above, that’s just what happens when these suits get wet - and somehow, the water manages to make the fabric both darker and easier to see through - so if you’re scared of a little nipple, we’d recommend opting for the black or brown versions of the suit.

With that out of the way, we have to admit that overall, we were pleasantly surprised. All three tops fit both of us and we can’t understate that victory. Like we said, anything shareable is fine by us.

I Want Lists

I Want Lists