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Til Six is a collection of stories, photos and musings by a pair of millennial entrepreneurs on a mission to truly have it all. 

Welcome to til six

Welcome to til six


JUL 26 2018 - What's the meaning of it all?! We haven't quite figured that out yet, but when we do, you'll be the first to know. In the meantime read on to hear about what we hope to do with the creation of Til Six.   


from the editor's desk: 


From the moment we had the idea to turn the Six Things blog into its own platform, I have been questioning myself. Why? What will the impact be? Who are we speaking to? Do we have that much to say? Will we provide value?

We’ve all experienced that dreaded mix of nervous energy along with that nagging little voice in your head that loves to tell you you’re not enough. Personally, I couldn’t help but ask myself, if we were lucky enough to have our readers precious time (likely their most prized possession) would we be able to provide value to them in a world where they are constantly being inundated with new information and opinions?

We started our company because we were women, sick of the toxic culture prevalent within many of the male-dominated industries we were working in. We thought, “hey, we can do this on our own, in a healthier way.” A way in which our wellbeing and quality of life are honored as much as we honor the needs of our clients.

We started our blog because we found ourselves inspired daily by the women in our circles. They were doing groundbreaking work, building inspiring brands and still finding the time to 

support their fellow woman. We wanted carve out a place where we could promote and hype these women who we found so inspirational.

Since then, our content has grown. We started featuring brands making products we felt excited by. We found new ways to work efficiently, and wanted our readers to know about them too. There was design that took our breath away so we had to share that as well.

We built this platform because it was something we craved for ourselves, but we’ve expanded it because we’ve learned that when we share the things we’re experiencing - good or bad - we foster connections with people who have experienced the same. So we will continue sharing what we feel needs to be shared and saying what we feel needs to be said. In turn, we invite you to share this space with us - to say what you feel needs to be said and to find connection, inspiration and hope in the experiences we all share.

We hope you enjoy what we have to say. And if it resonates, let us know. If it doesn’t, let us know that too. We’re listening.


we built this for you - ok, really for us too - but we want to share it with you, our reader. now let's have some fun, shall we?

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the name 'til six': explained

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